Buy TV Advertisement local to State College, PA

Purchase TV Advertisement local to State College, PA

An average US consumer is forecasted to spend 292.8 minutes with TV on a daily basis this year.That’s almost five hours of TV interaction every day. This is why TV is such a powerful advertising medium.  TV Advertising does something few other mediums do: it engages the consumer when they’re not actively seeking a product or service.

Don’t be Over Charge for TV Advertisement

While we do offer extensive internet marketing services, we also have deep roots in TV advertising and broadcasting. There are just some things that a middleman can do for you when purchasing TV advertisement. For starters, as a buying agent, we negotiate the times that you actually  want. Too many businesses try to buy TV advertising on their own, and get told what time slots they can have, and worse yet they are overcharged for their TV advertising. We make them work for you! TV advertising can be very complex, and we’re here to simplify the process for you. Never worry again about your ad not being run or your account being overcharged. All TV advertisement purchases are at wholesale rates.

We Negotiate your TV rates

In short, our goal is to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck with your TV advertising Purchase by: creating a broadcasting schedule that works for you; negotiating rates, ensuring your content airs, and even aiding in production. That’s right, we have a production team at the ready to create your next big TV advertising campaign from the ground up.

Biggest Challenges when purchasing TV advertisement

The biggest challenge you will face, is buying the correct spot at the right price. Most TV rates are overpriced and become very expensive. For those businesses that is buying direct from the TV stations I feel from years of experience selling TV about 1 out of 5 that will succeed. That is why we offer our rates direct. You can always have two options when purchasing TV. One buy direct from TV station or call us and buy Direct from Baylyn Media. The difference we wholesale our TV rates and look out for you and the TV station will charge full retail rates at the highest unit rate possible. The conclusion we work for you and sell our TV rates at market value. TV station only work for the station they are selling and sell you over priced rates. Not all advertising agencies have the same philosophy as us. Keep in mind they charge on a percentage. So the higher the price the more they make. So when choosing the right agency make sure they have a track record of low rates and not high rates.

  • Scheduling the SPOTS
  • Understand the brands PERSPECTIVE
  • Rating 
  • TV code request
  • Price
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The first step is choosing the correct message about your company. This is one of most important parts of any company’s success. You have a few options on how you want your brand to be portrayed on TV. Some companies that never go off air will make there message to be portrayed as funny and then brand their company at the end of the message. This is normally done with very large companies that have endless money to spend. The other option which I would recommend to any small to medium business is a call to action. A call to action is when you create urgency about your brand or product. In most cases this is a Super Sale that created urgency. Third option is branding your message then at the end of the commercial create a call to action. This works best for the companies that stay on air every month. You have many different ways to create a TV commercials that create a good ROI.

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