Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is also called Cost Per Click. It is a paid service that is offered by various search engines and social media. In Pay Per Click the search engine can charge on the time someone clicks on your ad that is shown in search engine result pages. The PPC as shown on the top of the page is shown first before your competition. 98% of searchers choose a business that is on page 1 of the results.

There are different types of  PPC Ads, like google, yahoo, bing, etc. Having good SEO with google ads lowers your PPC cost about 1/3. It also allows for your ad to be seen on the top of the page without overpaying the cost per click.

Things we can do for you

Baylyn Media will setup your complete campaign and get you a lower cost per click. Google has four pricing tears and is based on your quality score. If not setup and maintained correctly you could be charged 10.00 a click as we only charge our customers 5.00 a click. So why go through the hassle when you can have a professional run your ad campaigns at a lower cost then what you could do the work yourself.

Keyword research in PPC

Baylyn Media will go in depth and analyse all the things that could be done for your project to find a list of keywords that is relevant and necessary for your business to getting more business.

A keyword research would be the first step of many to setup your campaign. This will give you ideas about what people are searching on the internet. The most effective PPC accounts organize keywords into small groups of tightly related keywords.

ADS Campaigns

Your ads campaigns are very important. Your ad determines the the price per click. When done correctly you could pay the lowest rate available.  Google or other search engines could reject your ad. If the ad is not relevant to the search most likely ad will not be published. Or if they do publish your ad most likely the cost of that click will be top tier pricing.

Search Ads – Campaigns

When someone searches for a word or phrase looking for service, products or information.

Shopping Ads – Campaigns

This is used for e-commerce products. The best way is to integrate your website to directly upload your products to all ecommerce platforms.

Display Ads – Campaigns

Know to some people as banner ads. Most display banners is a cost per click cost base.

Call Ads – Campaigns

Call Ads convert three times more than any contact form process.

There some of top its company which provide the ad facility like google, bing, yahoo, youtube, facebook etc. choose your option which is relevant four you and grow your business and also increase your brand awareness.

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Web Design

There is nothing our team can not achieve. E-commerce, Web Site, Job Boards, Booking appointments.


If you can think it we can build it in record time! Over 40 years of coding experience for your on time delivery.


Our code built CRM gives you the power to monitor all leads through phone or digital analytics.

TV Advertising

TV Advertising is one of the best ways to market. This is a most powerful forms of advertising at a low budget.


Production services among all brands. Movies, Commercial and Social Marketing production needs.


Digital Marketing is a way to promote your business brand. This is the lower cost marketing process.